The Diary of Constantijn Huygens Jr

Secretary to Stadholder-King William of Orange

Rudolf Dekker

For most of his life, Constantijn Huygens Jr, secretary to Stadholder-King William of Orange, kept a diary in which he wrote about his private and professional life, Dutch and English politics, the military campaigns he witnessed – including the Glorious Revolution – his interest in science and his brother, Christiaan, a brilliant mathematician and scientist. The diary also documents his role as a book collector and respected connoisseur of art. Huygens was a zealous chronicler of scandals and gossip, which is why historians have always steered clear of this unique egodocument of the Dutch Golden Age. The book includes on dvd the documentary ‘The Life of Constantijn Huygens Jr’.

ISBN/EAN: 978-90-820779-7-1
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The Life of Constantijn Huygens Jr. from De Documentairefabriek on Vimeo.